Bilimbe is a premier establishment that is a must-have in your event management toolkit. Our photo booth products and services are exactly what you need to boost the digital presence and engagement for a host of events.

For nearly 10 years in Mumbai, we have been providing photo booth services for events such as weddings, parties, corporate events and for any other occasion. We offer high-quality photo booth products for rentals or for sale all over Mumbai. Additionally, we offer party favours in the form of props, instant print outs and instant digital downloads that are easily available to use with our products.

We offer the best Photo booth services in Mumbai, never failing to attain our client’s approval. Our latest products, the 360 Spin Photo booth, Selfie Photo booth and the Digital Mosaic Wall are creating great waves and engagement in the event industry. These are what you need to transform your event from ordinary to extraordinary!


Transform your parties and events with our range of exciting photo booth products! Boost your engagement and marketing with 360 Photo Booth, Magic Mirror Booth, Selfie Photo Booth, Digital Mosaic and Digital Slingshot available for rental or sale in Mumbai.


Introducing the game changer for all events – 360 Photo Booth. Now available for rent or sale. Blow away your guests at events like wedding ceremonies or birthday parties in Mumbai. Create memorable 360 slow-motion videos, where the guest is the star! All they need to do is stand on a platform and be filmed from all angles with a rotating camera arm. Props such as Photo Frames, Feather Boas, Crazy Hats and Wings, Masks, Afros, and Lips can also be added. The video can immediately be shared through WhatsApp, email and Social Media.

Explore the features of the 360* Photo Booth
  1. Instant sharing on Whats app, SMS, Airdrop, Email & QR.
  2. Customizable Overlay and Background Music.
  3. Fun properties.
  4. Slow-motion effect and 360 degree rotation.
  5. Online link to download digital images.
  6. An onsite assistant that oversees the process.


The Magic Mirror Booth offers a stylish and professional way to capture the best moments of your event in Mumbai. Add some glamour to parties and family gatherings with the interactive Magic Mirror Booth, which is available for rent or sale! With the full length, beautifully decorated mirror and the Red Carpet rolled out in front of it, this photo booth adds sophistication to your event. The beautiful, 5 feet tall mirror is interactive, with messages that help to click pictures of invitees by offering customisable photo templates. It is a must-try for weddings and ceremonies!

Explore the features of the Magic Mirror Booth

  1. Interactive customizable messages and photo template

  2. Unlimited Instant high-quality photo printout

  3. Customizable glamourous props

  4. Online link to download digital images

  5. Card board photo jacket

  6. Curtain Backdrop


These high-quality selfie cameras create the perfect souvenirs or return gifts for your guests! Our popular Selfie Photo Booth, with a customised frame design, takes unlimited photos of single guests as well as larger groups too! Enjoy our customisable backdrops and props for more popular events. The Selfie Photobooth is easily manageable and available in the Mumbai area. Contact us to book now!

Explore the features of the Selfie Photobooth

  1. Interactive customizable messages and photo templates

  2. Unlimited Instant high-quality photo printouts

  3. Customizable glamourous props

  4. Customized message content
  5. Online link to download digital images
  6. Card board photo jacket

  7. Curtain Backdrop


The Digital Photo Mosaic Wall is a product that gives your guests, employees, and hosts the opportunity to take part in creating a delightful work of art. All the pictures taken from the designated devices at the event will create a mosaic grid that gradually reveals the overall image as more people participate. This magnificent product has the ability to embrace images more than any other medium by letting people be a part of a unique experience. It is available for sale or rent in the greater Mumbai area. Contact us now to book this for your event!

Explore the features of the Digital Photo Mosaic Wall

  1. Boosts engagement and interaction

  2. Photography with DSLR Camera.

  3. Customizable Background like as Logo with content / Couple Image with Name / Birthday Baby with content

  4. The larger size of LED wall /TV /Displays

  5. On-site attendant.

  6. Unlimited Instant photo prints.


Old age meets new age with this fun new product – the Digital Slingshot! A sketch software you can use that is as simple as taking a selfie. Then, the slingshot can be used to digitally shoot it onto the screen right in front of you. The touch screen attached to the digital slingshots lets the guests communicate with each other and share what they’re thinking about the event. The message finally appears as a splash of the paintball with the picture, name, and message of the visitor. Please get in touch with us to rent or buy this product! We offer services in the city of Mumbai.

Explore the features of the Digital Slingshot

  1. Fun, interactive game and feedback in one

  2. Customized message content with guest name.

  3. The larger size of LED wall /TV /Displays

  4. On-site attendant.


Guests simply come into our mobile flip book studio to film their own video. We provide all kinds of props to add to the fun. Then we shoot a video and instantly start printing and cutting books. Within minutes guests are holding their own custom keepsake with your event info on the front and back cover.


  • Digital caricatures are a new exciting service whereby the caricatures are enhanced by tablet technology.
  • Caricatures are digitally converted on the iPad and provided instant printout with photo jacket.


The advantage of word clouds is that they create a simple visual image. They emphasize the most frequently used words, allowing people to focus on them and reflect upon and instant printout with photo jacket.



In photo manipulation terms, cloning means the act of copying part of an image from one area to another by painting it in place and instant printout with photo jacket.



A virtual photo booth is a modern photo op solution for events and marketing campaigns. It’s an online photo booth that can be customized for each client. Snapbar invented the virtual photo booth to reimagine photo ops and bring them into the digital, mobile-friendly era of events and marketing.



Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display and instant printout with photo jacket and Email share.



  • Guests have their photo taken against a green screen backdrop. The Bobble Heads software then loads the guests’ photo and automatically removes any green screen Chroma key to isolate the photographed face.


What is a Testimonial Video Booth? It’s a 30sec – 1 min video capturing memorable tributes such as serious speeches, funny stories, and testimonials. corporate events, so your guests can leave a video testimonial of their experiences, stories, and product feedback.


What is a Mosaic Photo Wall? The Photo Mosaic Wall rental creates a digital and a physical mosaic photo wall from live event photos in real-time. The photos are automatically fetched from on-site photo booths and print 4×4 inch photos that are placed on the photo wall to create a BIG PICTURE with smaller pictures.


Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display and instant printout with photo jacket and Email share.


Digital interactive media refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems that respond to the user’s actions


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