360 degree selfie booth on rent

We offer our services for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, and any other unique celebration. Bilimbe’s 360-degree selfie booth rental has revolutionized event photo booth, providing an immersive and interactive experience like never before!

Why is Bilimbe the best solution provider for 360-degree video booths?

We are excited and proud to introduce 360 photo booths at events, we believe it will be game changer at events. We create memorable 360 slow motion videos showcasing the guest as superstar kind of stature and it can be shared instantly to the WhatsApp, email and social media.

Photo booth Props has several results most commonly used Photo booth props were listed below for wedding ceremony which may make your Atmosphere to bloat away with wedding photo booth. Photo Frames, Fathers Boas, Crazy Hats & Wings, Masks.

Capturing Every Angle:

The traditional photo booth has undergone a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of the 360 degree selfie booth. Unlike conventional booths that capture moments from a single perspective, these booths offer an all-encompassing experience. Utilizing an array of cameras strategically positioned to capture every angle, these booths produce captivating shots that leave no detail unexplored. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gala, or a milestone celebration, a 360 degree photo booth ensures that no memory is left undocumented.

A Revolution in 360-degree selfie booth:

Gone are the days of posing stiffly in front of a camera, hoping for a decent picture. The 360 degree selfie booth rental has redefined event photography by offering an immersive and interactive experience. Unlike conventional photo booths, these cutting-edge setups allow individuals to capture moments from every angle, creating captivating memories that stand out. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or a birthday party, the 360-degree selfie booth adds an element of excitement that traditional photography simply cannot match.

Unleashing Creativity and Spontaneity:

One of the most significant advantages of a 360 photo booth rental is ability to unleash creativity. With a standard camera setup, the scope for experimenting with poses and angles is limited. However, with a 360-degree booth, the possibilities are endless. Users can strike a pose, jump, dance, or even create a human pyramid – all within the same frame. This encourages spontaneity and ensures that each snapshot is a unique piece of art. Moreover, the interactive nature of these booths often brings out the most authentic and joyous expressions in individuals, resulting in photographs that tell a story.

Social Media-Friendly and Shareable:

In the age of social media dominance, the value of shareable content cannot be underestimated. 360-degree selfie booths align perfectly with this trend. The eye-catching and dynamic nature of the photos makes them highly shareable across various social media platforms. This not only ensures that the event receives wider exposure but also provides attendees with instant gratification as they see their pictures garner likes and comments. From Instagram to Facebook, these immersive photos are bound to stand out on any feed, making your event the talk of the town.

Capturing Memories, One Angle at a Time:

From weddings and parties to corporate events and beyond, the allure of 360-degree selfie booths and cameras is undeniable. They have reshaped the way we capture and relive memories, offering a unique blend of interactivity, creativity, and share ability. So, the next time you’re planning an event or an adventure, consider the captivating experience that only a 360-degree setup can provide.

Step into a world of elegance with our exclusive 360 degree selfie booth on rent by Bilimbe. Elevate your event with style and creativity


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