Frequently Asked Questions

There are few questions related to Photo booth rentals that we receive from our customers & clients.

How does the photo booth looks?

Very interesting question. You can click this link to see how the photo booth looks. Its very simple and straight forward device, just click a button, pose it and then immediately you can take printout and also share it in Social medium as well.

Can I get a free demo?

We can provide you with a free demo prior to your events provided with all the necessary information. We have other products to present demo to all our customers. Please book the demo session based on the convenient time that suits for you with the help of our expert team to present demo.

Photo booth Questions that most ask ?

Regarding the Photobooth Purchase.  Very few people ask us, can i purchase a photo booth for personal or commercial use from us. Talk to us. All you have to do is fill out the Contact us form and we will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Can i do custom design photo-booth for my business?

Yes! We can do customer orders for our clients and we can manufacture the photo booth as per your requirements for your events and other parties.

Can I use the Photo booth for Events?

Yes of course! – and we usually cater Photo booth Rental services such as Photo booth props, wedding photo booth services, selfie photo booth services etc. to the Event Management Industry.

Do you offer any customisation for the outer design of the Photo booth?

Yes! we do customize the outer design as per the event / Special occasion. You can see samples of our photo booth props and photo booth services on our site.

Can you customize the software as per my need?

Certainly, Talk to us and we will do. Once the concept and flowchart is approved, the software in the photo booth can be customised accordingly.

can i share images in Social media?

Yes, you can share the images in FB, TW, INSTA and others if you have anything specifically. We can do customisations based on the requirements by the clients.

We are Pioneers in Photobooth Industry

We are the Pioneers in Photobooth industry and proud to say that too. In 2015 we Launched and executed events in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi.  We have created big waves in whole Events industry.  In the era of Selfies, Bilimbe Photobooth is definitely for you. Bilimbe revolutionises viral and social media marketing by capturing the most special moments in your life and broadcasts it across social media platforms at the click of a button. Bilimbe offers you a way to add value to your events through the digital medium, with a range of customisable, mobile photo-booths that help you capture these moments via photographs that are customised to perfection.
All you need to do is to capture a picture at your event, frame it with the brand insignia or the organisational insignia of your choice, and share it across social media platforms – for whatever the occasion may be – brand marketing, or social cause marketing. 
Photobooth have become an jaw dropping piece in all the occasions like weddings, gatherings and meetings. With our outdoors Bilimbe Photobooth you can capture beautiful videos & photos of your guest and that is going to be the unforgettable moments in their life. We are so happy to be part of creating awful emotions with our Photobooth.
We are Proud to say, Bilimbe – Photobooth Founders – Neil Anand & Shreeram
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