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Bilimbe offers a wide variety of mirror photo booth options to spice up and add a tinge of glamour to your parties and family gatherings. With the same aim in mind, we bring to you our newest product.

The Mirror booth is a unique, stylish, and professional way to capture the best moments
experienced by your guests. With the full length, beautifully decorated mirror and the Red Carpet rolled out in front of it, this photo booth adds sophistication to your event.

The entire set up is easily install able and extremely portable. To add to the glamour, the mirror photo booth is also interactive and can engage with your guests through screen prompts and voice messages for customizing their photos.

And the unique photographic souvenirs presented to the guests immediately after their photo (printed using high-quality photo booth printers) ensure that the entire experience is a very memorable one for them. This truly fits with the motto and working principle of Bilimbe– ‘click, pose, and share’.


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